Wednesday, 14 March 2012

ZeekRewards vs Bidify

Bidify is the next new penny auction business opportunity.

It is going to be give some serious competition to Zeekrewards.

Their web site is very nice as well as their back office.

The earning potential is more attractive.

You get a debit card, you can load with your earnings ( I like that ! ).
The auction site should launch in the next few days.

You don’t need to post a daily ad like with Zeekrewards.

So it is really time to join as an affiliate for free and to rally all your friends.
This could go ballistic very quickly :-)

More information with video and presentation 
Get Paid

Learn more about the different ways Bidify pays you.

In Bidify there are six different ways of earning cash rewards.

* Retail Bid package purchases made on by your personally referred customers.

* Personally referred affiliate’s sample bid purchases through Bidify.

* Downline affiliate’s sample bid purchases through Bidify.

* Personal sample bid purchases, once they are given away to customers of Bidsson.

* One-Time bonus on personally sponsored and downline affiliate’s subscription purchases.

* Monthly bonuses on personally sponsored and downline affiliates monthly subscriptions.

JOIN TODAY for FREE to secure your spot.

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