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market glory earning guide part 2

In the "affiliates" section you can find your own link that you can send to all your friends. Those who will register on your link will become your referrals.


Below there is a list of your referrals. You win a referral if you challenge an opponent to fight and win the fight. Lose a referral when he loses a fight. Your referrals will pay a fee of 10% of their earnings, according to the energy you have. If you block a referral, it can not be attacked. A user who registers via your affiliate link will become your referral blocked for a period of seven days, then you decide whether to block him or set him free.

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Purchases made by users of GM SHOP Fund will be allocated to GM.
Note that the prices of GM SHOP are 200% higher than the prices of production. GM SHOP products price will change depending on the salaries offered in MarketGlory.
Reports - Transactions
Here is a list of all income and expenses that you make.
Reports - Financial assets
In this section you can view all currencies held.

Government - Accounting

Available currencies in the government fund represent the country current assets. Financial operations in local or foreign currency can be performed only by governmentmembers, but all players are able to view the data.
In the list below you will find all currencies held by the government.
Government - Bonuses
In this section you can view bonuses given by the government.
Government - Taxes
This section shows taxes that you pay to the government.
Profile - Inventory
In this section you can view all the property you own. Food is consumed every 6 hours. If you have different food qualities, the first consumed will be the high quality food. Coffee can be consumed when you click on serving coffee. The clothes have a life span of 10 days. The houses have a lifespan of 30 days.
Profile - Settings.
In this section you can modify your password.


In this section you will be informed when one of these companies has no raw materials or money to pay salaries.
We appreciate your interest in reading this entire material.
Recommend your referral link to everybody and earn commissions of Market Glory. Exploit all opportunities offered by us and be with us for a long term to benefit in future projects, too.
In life every chance is worth valued at the time. Now you can develop a great opportunity worldwide by Market and Glory and accomplish all your goals. Many people waste their time on the internet without having won anything, here with just a few minutes a day you can manage your business in the Market Glory and increase your income. We do not guarantee that everyone will achieve success, that depends on what strategy each player has in Glory Market. Make sure everything is fair, transparent and with equal opportunities for all players.
We offer support and tools to expand your business globally as much as you wish.
Each person deserves to know the economic strategies to start his own business in Market Glory.
Together we are a team and no matter who you are, where you are from, it matters that we are all a team and enjoy Market Glory.
All people everywhere have the opportunity to enjoy Market Glory and contribute to the development of your system and you can achieve success both in virtual and real life.

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market glory earning guide


In the home section you will find the country map, the government budget and the population in your area. Also in this section you can see the bonuses offered by the government.


In this section there are presented the opponents available for fighting. If you win a battle you will receive the bonus offered by the Government according to the energy you have. Remember that the loser becomes your referral and he will pay you taxes. If you want to be sure that you will not lose that referral, you can lock him for as long as you want.
In this section you can find available jobs. You will receive wages according to productivity. Salary is displayed for one hour, for 100 productivity points. If you have maximum productivity, meaning 700 points, you will receive a salary according to the following formula:
Salary X 8 (8 hours of work) X 7 (700 points for productivity).
If the hourly wage is 5 you will get 5 x 8 x 7 = 280. 


In this section you can see all the offers of companies from that country and available for business licensing. Note that the products are sorted by quality.
Raw materials and licenses can be purchased only by companies.

Financial market
In this section you can convert your Euros into any currency available in MarketGlory. Note that in MarketGlory there are over 80 currencies and each country operates its own currency. To buy currency you can click on the image and select the currency you want to buy, then from the "sell" section select the currency you want to sell to buy your currency.
1 euro = 5 gold, 1 gold = 10 lei
In this section you can set up companies and manage your companies. Setting up a company costs 10 euros. You will get a job and a license for 90 days.

My companies - Licenses

In this section you can view what licenses you can purchase for your company. Also, each license is explained in detail, how many productivity points are required, raw materials for the products. When you have a valid license or purchase a license the date this license expires will be displayed.

My companies - upgrade 

Firms can be upgraded to produce goods at lower costs and thus your company can be more efficient on the market. There are 5 levels of upgrade:
Upgrade 1 = 10% productivity = 10 euro
Upgrade 2 = 20% productivity = 20 euro
Upgrade 3 = 30% productivity = 40 euro
Upgrade 4 = 40% productivity = 80 euro
Upgrade 5 = 50% productivity = 160 euro
In your inventory menu you can view raw material stock, finished products stocks and the costs of their production or acquisition. Also in this section you have the option to put goods on sale to be displayed in the country market where the company is established.
In this section you can create new jobs. Creating a new work place costs with 0.25 euro more than the previous. Each job can be administered individually, with the possibility to establish the salary offeredand to suspend or activate a job.

"Work records"

In this section you can view a list of citizens who have worked at your company, the time when they have worked, that they had and also the salary the company has paid to citizen.

Each company has its own budget. In this section you can invest and withdraw money from the company. In the company you can invest and withdraw gold.
After you have invested gold you can change the company in local currency in which the company was founded.
When you withdraw money from the company within the company will buy gold to withdraw gold.
"Finance Transactions"
In this section you have a list of all transactions made by the company.


Each license is valid for 90 days. From the company you can extend the license or buy a new one. Even if a license expires you can still sell products in stock. Each type of company allows specific license purchase.
Licenses for consumer goods are divided into three categories, depending on quality.
In the section market licenses, you can read all the details of licenses, such as productivity needed to produce the good, raw materials necessary for the good and the good quality product. When you purchase a license money will go the country government where the business is created.


Bonuses are offered by the government of the country where you are. In the home section you can see both the country's budget and the number of citizens in the country. Also in the home section there is a list of bonuses offered by the government of your country, description for each bonus and the conditions for getting the bonus: energy for the referral and fight bonus and productivity for work bonus.
Note that there is specified the maximum bonus that can be achieved if you meet the maximum requirements for that bonus.
Example: if you have 1 energy, you will receive 1% of registered government bonus, if you have 100 energy, you will receive 100% of the bonus displayed.
Work bonus is received according to productivity, for example, to receive 10% bonus you will need to have 70 productivity, the maximum productivity being 700. In the productivity section you can see what factors influence it and how you can make them grow.
Note that all bonuses are offered by the country you have citizenship with.


In this section you can buy MarketGlory game shares.
When the balance reaches 10,000 euros you will receive 1 cent for each share you hold. The moment the balance reaches 10,000 gold you will get 0.01 gold per each share owned. You can sell and buy shares from other players.
Euros are added to the game fund balance when:
• a company is created
• a workplace is created
• a withdrawal from the game is made (20% from the withdrawal)
• a fight is immediately ended
• shares are bought
These appear as negative transactions in fund:
• 10% from the amount invested for the country which holds the citizenship of the citizen who invests in his account
• 10% from the amount ivnested for one who owns the citizen who has invested in his account
Those negative transactions are covered by the 20% commision applied on the withdrawals from Market Glory account. see more click here

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how you can earn huge money from marketglory without investment full guide

Market Glory – Earn Real (Huge) Money When You Play This Game
Join kamiktk's empire

Market glory is a new browser game. In this game you can earn real money when you play. You can withdraw money also with PayPal. Read more in article.Marker glory is new browser game. In this game you can earn real money and you can withdraw this money also with PayPal.  Registration is free and very fast. I am sure that you will enjoy. Important is that you can do your job here on Triond, or you can do something else when you play this game! Players from all world can play this game.

  if you want support in game contact me name in game is kamiktk                                                      join from romania,india,germany,uk ip for  more more earning use proxy for joining .If you have played ANNO1777 you will know allmost all about this game. This is not hard game and I believe that you will learn basics very fast. In this game you can fight with another players and you can get refferals. You can get bonus for each active refferal. You can bring your friends in this game and get refferals also this way. You can work in game, you can buy food, drink and much more. I hope you will like this game. You do not need much time to play this game, but you can earn huge money here. I see on welcome page that very much people earn very much money in this game. You can see from picture. I hope that i help you. Enjoy. Have a nice day.
MarketGlory is an economic, political, social and military simulator where you can convert your virtual currency into real money.
Each player from the MarketGlory community has the opportunity to: work, set up companies, run for the government, recommend referrals, gain military ranks and build their own organization.
The road to success in Market Glory is achieved through a personal strategy by each player in the community. There is no time limit, some will reach objectives quicker than others. It is important to be present in MarketGlory and develop something that gives you satisfaction in this game. Success is the result of an activity which is based on action and perseverance. In every field of life, those who do not give up will certainly reach all their goals.
So, success in Market Glory can give you a substantial income in real life.
Money does not bring happiness, but their number does.
Why is it important to have energy in MarketGlory?
- Depending on the energy level you receive fight bonuses and referrals;
- Energy is an important factor in calculating productivity;
- Depending on the energy level you get a percentage of your referrals earnings;
- Attack and defense are influenced by the energy level.
Energy increases when goods are consumed. For example, a lower quality food will bring an increase of 1 in your energy level. Also, when you eat a high-quality food you get 5 energy; the quality of the consumed goods is very important in MarketGlory. Energy increases when you eat or you have: coffee, clothes, houses and wine.

How much energy do you get?

• 1 for lower quality
• 3 for normal quality
• 5 for high quality
• 1 per day for low quality 
• 3 per day for normal quality
• 5 per day for high-quality. 
Note that clothes last for 10 days.
• 1 for lower quality coffee
• 3 for normal quality coffee 
• 5 for high quality coffee
• 7 house
• 20 Villa
• 35 Palace

How does energy decrease?
Energy decreases by 5% per hour, by 10% when you work and 2% work when you fight.
A high energy level allows you to earn more, and to receive higher taxes from your referrals activity.
WARNING! It is very important to correlate the costs with the income. It is not a good thing for everyone to have a high energy level.
Energy can reach up to 100.


Why is it important to have knowledge in Market Glory?
Knowledge is an important factor in calculating productivity.
When buying books, depending on their quality you will get knowledge as follows: Low quality Book = +1 Knowledge, normal quality Book = +3 Knowledge, high quality Book = +5 Knowledge.
Knowledge decreases by 0.2 per day and can reach a maximum level of 1000.
Why is it important to have work experience in Market Glory?
Experience is an important factor in calculating productivity.
The experience level increases each time you work. If you work day by day, it will grow up.
When working, the Experience will increase as following:
- for 0 referrals - by 0.7 points per day;
- for 1 active referral - by 1 point per day;
- for 2 active referrals - by 1.5 points per day;
- for 3 active referrals - by 2 points per day;
- for 4 active referrals - by 2.5 points per day;
- for 5 or more active referrals - by 3 points per day.
You can buy experience in amount of:
  • 0.5 euro for each experience point when you have between 1 and 100 experience points,
  • 0.45 euro for each experience point when you have between 100 and 500 experience points,
  • 0.4 euro for each experience point when you have between 500 and 1900 experience points,
The money from purchasing experience points are transferred to the Government Funds of the country you are citizen of.
The experience points fall each day by 0.3%.
The level of experience can be seen in the Work menu.


Why is productivity important in Market Glory?
Productivity is the citizen's ability to produce goods for the companies they work for.
Productivity is calculated using the formula: Energy + Experience + Knowledge / 3.
Energy can increase up to 100.
Experience can increase up to 1000.
Knowledge can grow up to 1000.
Maximum productivity is 700 and according to it, you will receive salary or working bonus. In the working section you will find the level of productivity per hour.
Menus  see more click here

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How To Verify PayPal Account By Using Payoneer Us Payment Service

PayPal Has A Great Name Among Online Payment Processors. It Is Considered As The Best Method To Send And Receive Payments Online. Unfortunately Paypal Is Not Available In Some Countries Including Pakistan, Egypt, And Iran Etc.  If You Belong To A Paypal Unsupported Country And Want To Get A Verified Paypal Account, You Can Get It Done Using Payoneer’s Us Payment Service. To Verify Your Paypal Account, You Need A Payoneer Account With Us Payment Service Enabled For It.

If You Still Don’t Have A Payoneer Account, Get A Payoneer Account Now. If You Have Already An Approved Payoneer Account, Follow Below Steps To Get Your PayPal Verified Using Payoneer’s Us Payment Service.

  • Why We Need To Verify PayPal Account…?
You Can Create A PayPalAccount Within Minutes But It Will Be Unverified And There Will Be Some Limitations. In Order To Lift Up Those Limitations, You Will Need To Verify PayPal Account.
By Using Unverified PayPal Account...
  • Some Websites Don’t Allow Unverified PayPal Users To Buy Products.
  • You Can’t Send More Than 500$ Payment In A Month.
  • You Will Not Be Able To Withdraw Your PayPal Earnings.
So, If You Hit The Monthly Sending Or Receiving Limit Then You Will Have To Wait For Next Month In Order To Make PayPal Payments. Although You Can Utilize Your Earned Money For Buying Some Products But Many Websites (E.G. Godaddy) Allow Only Verified PayPal Users To Buy Products. So, It Is Necessary To Have A Verified PayPal Account. Many Freelancers And Bloggers Face Difficulties To Verify PayPal Account. I Have Seen People Selling Verified PayPal Accounts And Tricks To Verify PayPal Account On Many Websites. Now Using Payoneer Us Payment Service You Can Easily Get Verified PayPal Account In Unsupported Countries Like Pakistan, Iran Egypt Etc...
Now We Explains You How To Verify PayPal Account By Using Payoneer US Payment Service, You Should Follow The Setup Given Below...
  • STEP 1: To Begin The Verification Of Your PayPal Account, Simply Sign-In To Your Payoneer Account And Navigate To US Payment Service Under Receive Money Tab.
  • STEP 2: Click On US Payment Profile Page, Scroll Down To Bottom Where You Will See The Routing Number And Account Number Which Is US Payment Service Has Provided You As Given Below.
  • STEP 3: Note Down These Two Numbers i.e Bank Routing Number And Account Number.
  • STEP 4: Now Log-In To Your Unverified PayPal Account In Another Tab.
  • STEP 5: In Your PayPal Dashboard, You Will See The Status Of Your Account As Unverified". Click On Add/Edit Bank Account Under Profile Tab.
  • STEP 6: In Next Page, Select "Add Bank Account" Option And Then Provide The Routing Number And Account Number Which You Have Noted From US Payment Service's Page In Your Payoneer Account And Click Continue.
  • STEP 7: After Linking Your US Payment Service Account Number With PayPal, Wait For 2 To 3 Business Days Because PayPal Will Make 2 Test Transactions To Your Payoneer Account Within Two Or Three Days. You Will Receive An E-Mail Notification From Payoneer When The Test Money Is Received In Your Account.
  • STEP 8: Go To Your Payoneer Account And Note Down The Two Little Deposits Which PayPal Has Sent To Your Payoneer Account.
  • STEP 9: Now Go Back To Your PayPal Account And Again Click On Add/Edit Bank Account Under Profile Tab.
  • STEP 10: On Next Page Click On The "Confirm Bank Account" Button As Given Below...
  • STEP 11: Enter 2 Test Amounts Which PayPal Has Deposit On Your Payoneer Account And Click "Submit" Button As Give Below...

Congratulations...! Your PayPal Account Is Now Verified.

To Take Advantage Of Full Features Of PayPal, Don’t Forget To Link Your Payoneer MasterCard With Your PayPal Account. Before Linking The Card, Ensure That Your Payoneer Card Has A Few Dollars ($4-$5) Loaded To It. Otherwise You Will Fail To Link The Card As PayPal Deducts A Small Test Amount From The Card While Linking Process.

  • Linking Payoneer MasterCard with PayPal to Lift Up Account Limits

After Successful Bank Verification, You Can Link Your Payoneer Mastercard With Paypal To Lift Up Any Sending Or Receiving Limits That Have Been Placed By Paypal On Your Account. Make Sure That You Have At Least $5 - $10 Balance In Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard Before Proceeding, As A Minor Amount Will Be Charged To Your Payoneer Mastercard For Verification Purposes.

You Can Link Your Payoneer MasterCard With Your PayPal Account By Follow These Instructions As Given Below...
  • STEP 1: Click On "Update Card" Under Profile Tab.
  • STEP 2: On Next Page Enter Your Payoneer Debit Master Card Number, Expiry Date And CSC (Three Digit Security Code Printed At The Back Of Your Master Card Next To Your Signature Area.) After Completing Above Information Click On "Add Card" Button. A Small Amount Will Be Charged To Your Payoneer Master Card For Verification.
Congratulations...! You Have Now Add Card Successfully To Your PayPal Account And Successfully Removed Any Sending/Receiving Limits From Your Verified PayPal Account.

  • How To Withdraw PayPal Funds Using Payoneer Debit Card:

After Getting Verified Paypal Account And Successfully Linking Your Payoneer Debit Master Card With PayPal, You Will Be Able To Withdraw All Your PayPal Funds Directly To Payoneer Debit Card.
Click On The Withdraw Funds Tab From Your PayPal Account And Select Payoneer Master Card To Withdraw Funds To Your Us Bank Account As Given Below...
On Next Page Of "Transfer Money To Your Bank Account" Put Your Amount That You Want To Withdraw To Your Payoneer US Bank Account. After Putting Amount In Amount Box And Select Bank Account, Click On "Conitnue" Button To Proceed Your Order As Given Below...
After 3-4 Business Days Your PayPal Funds Will Be Transferred To Payoneer US Bank Account And You Can Withdraw Payment Using Any ATM Machine Supporting Payoneer Mastercard. Payoneer Debit Card Is Supported Worldwide And You Can Withdraw Funds Easily From Anywhere And You Will Get Cash In Your Local Currency.
If You Are Residing In Pakistan Then I Will Recommend You To Choose "Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)" To Withdraw PayPal Funds Using Payoneer Master Card. Muslim Commercial Bank (Mcb), Faysal Bank And Citibank Also Accept Payoneer Mastercard In Pakistan.
Disclaimer: This Tutorial Guide You How To Verify PayPal Account From Worldwide And Guide To Transfer Money From PayPal To Payoneer For Educational Purposes. PayPal’s Rules Do Not Allow You To Enter Fake Information About Your Account, So Using This Method May Have A Risk Of Your Account Termination, As Well As Losing The Funds. So, As Soon As You Will Receive The Money In Your Paypal Account Created This Way, You Must Immediately Transfer It To Your PayoneerUS Bank Account Via US Payment Service.
It Is Recommended That You Should Thoroughly Read PayPal And Payoneer Terms And Conditions Before Following This Be Method. We Will Not Be Responsible For Any Loss You Face During Or After Getting Verified PayPal Account Using This Method.
Paypal Must Also Realize That Leaving Non-Supported Countries Behind By Not Officially Supporting Them Is The Only Hurdle That Has To Be Faced By Many Freelancer And Online Workers Across The Globe To Receive & Withdraw Their Hard Earned Online Income.

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Binary Options Buddy

By Author : Have you noticed that the market doesn’t move like it used to?
Have you noticed it moves much slower than ever before? That’s because the markets are forever changing and with this change we as traders have to learn to change with it. Adapt as you will.
That’s the beauty of trading with Binary Options. You don’t have to sit in  front of your computer all day.
You don’t have to worry if the market only has a daily range of 50 pips or 50 points because when you trade with Binary Options all you need is for a 0.01 pip change in price to be right.
That’s right! Just a small difference in price can spell success…
Before you begin to “play” with your new buddy, you must have a Binary Options Broker Account.
Such an account is free to open and of course you can play on “demo” without risking any of your real money.
It is important to emphasis that like any other type of broker, some of them are very honest, but unfortunately, you still have the chance to open an account with a dishonest one.
When I started to trade Binary Options, I was one of the less lucky ones and I was burnt several times until I recently came across OptiMarkets which were very friendly and very accessible.
I will be real fair with you and I would tell you that if you will open a live account with OptiMarkets, I will get some compensation from them which I intend to add up to my personal account.

Free Download Binary Options Buddy.rar :
Binary Options Buddy 2.0.ex4
Binary Options Buddy.pdf 

Free Download

Mr Nickson from Malaysia ( forex winners ) sent us this indicator.

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Free Download Internet Download Manager (IDM) 5.18 Portable

Download IDM Portable Full Version.
 In this post I will give the info download link for IDM 5.18 portable full version. IDM ot Internet Download Manager is an easy to use download tool that can be integrated with a browser. almost all browser support this software.

IDM can increase  download speeds in your computer up to 500 percent (but it depending to computer specs and internet connection speed). The best feature, this software support resume and schedule downloads, it mean you can pause or scheduled  you download activity and continue the download at the next times. IDM can be integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, MSN Explorer, AOL, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, Avant Browser, MyIE2 and almost all popular browser.

Here Screenshot of Internet Download Manager 5.18 or IDM 5.18 portable.
IDM 5.18 portable full version
New features in Internet Download Manager version 5.18:
  • Added processing of site names in foreign languages
  • Added support of Unicode characters for download descriptions and file names
  • Updated IDM icon
  • Improved recognition of server bugs. For example when proxy servers send incorrect data under certain conditions
  • Fixed all known minor bugs
Download Internet Download Manager 5.18 full version. Update, you can download installer version of Internet Download Manager (full version, no path or serial requires) here:

Accessing Internet on PC without Hardisk

This trick helped me keep up with my work even when my harddisk had crashed. Using Ubuntu 8.10 ( Hardy Heron) Live CD; Select the option "Try Ubuntu without installing on computer".

If you have a broadband connection; just plugin the LAN connector and start browsing the internet. For storage purposes ( for files for later use ) you can use and USB media like PenDrive/ FlashDrive.

If you have cablenet or LAN net, you can configure the connection and start using the internet. You will hav to do this everytime you boot th machine in this case. So better hiberinate the machine, it will reduce the reconfiguring stuff to great extent.

This is a great idea when you dont have much resources and have an important work to accomplish.