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tricks to Earn 300 to 500$ or bitcoin with bitlanders

Earn 300 to 500 $ with bitlanders

What is bitlanders
   Bitlander is a site of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a currency type. 1 bitcoin rate is 400$ minimum, you can earn money with simple method. This site have no personal rule. This site design for help of the poor people. You can minimum amount payout of 0.2 bitcoin mean 80$. Join this site and earn money.

How can I do work
This site like a media site. just like Facebook 

Follow these step

   First you Register Bitlanders ( Click Now ) and after register
Update Some Photo , Micro comment and  video (maximum video durition 5 min )
Share your profile another social media  Facebook,Twitter etc
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You need maximum subscribers 5000 to earn good profit
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New Science of forex Trading Rapid Trade Finder System

New Science of forex Trading
Rapid Trade Finder System

By // newscienceofforextrading.com
       Toshko Raychev

1. Cloud is colored Blue showing an uptrend going on at the moment.
2. Price falls towards the blue cloud and touches/penetrates it, or better closes in it.
3. Long entry is opened when white arrow appears.
4. Stop Loss goes a few pips below the entry white arrow.
5. Take Profit is set to 1 or 2 times the Stop Loss amount.
6. Or the Stop Loss can be trailed behind the lower cloud band until it is hit. 

1. Cloud is colored Red showing a downtrend going on at the moment.
2. Price climbs towards the red cloud and touches/penetrates it or better closes in it.
3. Short entry is opened when yellow arrow appears.
4. Stop Loss goes a few pips above the yellow entry arrow.
5. Take Profit is set to 1 or 2 times the Stop Loss amount.
6. Or the Stop Loss can be trailed behind the upper cloud band until it is hit. 

As you can see, this system is simple to use, yet very powerful and profitable.I enjoyed creating and using it and hope you will too. It works well with Price Action trading. This system is good for Binary Options too. Choose your broker by checking Binary Options brokers review.
You can use it on all currency pairs and timeframes, but try avoiding the high-impact news releases before entering your trades. 

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Moving Averages: What Are They?

Moving Averages are technical tools designed to measure the momentum and direction of a trend. The idea behind their creation is simple. Price action is thought to fluctuate around the average value over a period of time, and we can expect to be able to the represent the market's momentum by calculating if the current prices are above or below the market's average value. But since the total length of the time period that must be included in the calculation of the average is too large (are we going to begin in 1980, or the year 2000 while computing our time series?), we pick the period arbitrarily, and update the average as time progresses.

Why Should I Use Moving Averages?

Moving averages are some of the most useful and effective gauges of market action in a trending market. Crossovers, divergences, as well as trends of the moving average itself can be used to analyze and crystallize the signals that can be distilled from the market action, which can then be used to help us make future decisions about our trades.

Types of Moving Averages

There are a large number of moving averages available for traders. Some of them are:
Simple Moving Average
The simple moving average is the most basic of these tools. It simply sums up the cloaisng prices over a specified time, and divides them by the duration of the period, reaching at the value of the indicator. No weighting is used, and no smoothing factor is applied.

Exponential Moving Average

The exponential moving average is one of a number of different moving average types that gives greater value to the most recent prices. As its name implies, the weighting is done exponentially. In other words, as we move to the left on the chart (towards past values), the weighting that they receive in the computation of the MA decreases rapidly (faster than it would be in a linear progression), and the most recent prices are far more significant, as a result, in determining the value of the indicator.

Smoothed Moving Averaged

The smoothed moving average is similar to EMA, except that it takes all available data into account. The earliest price values are never discarded, but receive a lower weighting, and possess a smaller role in determining the value of the indicator. As its name hints, the smoothed moving average is mostly used to smoothen the price action, removing short-term volatility, allowing us a better understanding of the long term momentum of the market.

Linear Regressed Moving Average

This moving average is similar to the MA, except that the weighting factors are linear, not exponential. For example, the price of the earliest period (n) is multiplied with 1, the following, more recent period (n-1) is multiplied by a factor of, 2, and the next one is multiplied by 3, and so on, until we reach the present timeframe. In this context, the most recent prices receive greater emphasis, and the latest fluctuations, rises or falls are depicted with greater clarity, aiding trade decisions.

Using the Moving Averages

Although there are almost countless improvised, and professionally created strategies based on moving averages, there are three typical methods that lie at the basis of most of the strategies and methods.


Crossovers arise when the price rises or falls below the moving average, signaling the end or the beginning of a new trend. Crossovers are some of the most common occurrences in technical trading, and as such, do not grant us a great deal of predictive power in the evaluation of the market action. They are used best in combination with other tools and techniques when we seek to evaluate the price action with greater confidence.

Moving Average Trends

Apart from trends in the price action itself, the moving average can also have its own trend at times. It is possible to take advantage of these trends for determining entry/exit points. Although not as reliable as the price trend itself when used alone, it can be an efficient way to confirm the price action when used in combination with it.


A divergence occurs when the trend is in ascendance, but the moving average is descending. A convergence happens when the market trend is bearish, but the moving average contradicts it by registering higher highs. These events are thought to signal a future reversal. When the price action is contradicted by the indicator values, the expectation is that the market is about to run out of energy, and it may be a good time to open a counter-trend position. It is important to remember that timing is very uncertain in all these formations, and that the anticipated reversal may never occur. Especially in strong trends, it is common to observe divergence/convergence phenomenon arise regularly without leading to any significant reversal. Still, it is the rarest, and most popular technical configuration preferred in the interpretation of a moving average.

MA Hopping

We use this term to define a method of trading in which MAs of different periods are used as successive resistance levels for the price action to breach. For example, we expect an ongoing trend to first breach the 1-hour, then the 3-hour, then the 10, and 40-hour moving averages in succession, and may choose to open a position at each of these successive indicators. Since we anticipate continuity between levels indicated by these MAs, we will maintain our positions as the price hops, so to speak, between them.
We'll examine each of these methods as we discuss each moving average type in its own article. To learn more about how these calculations are performed you are invited to visit the relevant page.


The main weakness of the moving average is its lagged nature. In many cases, and especially for short term fluctuations, by the time a moving average captures a market event, it may have already ended. The moving average will only note a developing market pattern after it has been set up convincingly, and if the pattern is short-lived, it will not be possible to trade it, and we may suffer from whipsaws as well.
The strength of this indicator type is its ease-of-use, clarity, and simplicity. They can be easily incorporated into any overall strategy, and it is also possible to devise methods exclusively through the usage of the moving average as well. The great versatility of this indicator type makes it a valuable addition to any trader's arsenal of technical tools, regardless of trading style, or the preferred market type.

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computer game mario kart 8 reviews

Everyone has fond memories of the Mario Kart series" reads a blurb in the review materials for the eighth game in the series. Until now, I really didn't.

Mario Kart was never my game. When Super Mario Kart was released for North American Super Nintendo systems in 1992, I was already in love with another Nintendo EAD-developed racing game featuring high-tech Mode 7 graphics — the progenitor of the futuristic racing sub-genre, F-Zero. In the heart of a science fiction-loving teenager, a super-flattened Mushroom Kingdom was nothing compared to the flickering electronic cityscapes of the year 2560.

So instead of playing Super Mario Kart or Mario Kart 64, I was playing MegaRace, Wipeout, Extreme-G and Jet Moto. While my friends were forming two-man teams for Mario Kart Double Dash!!, I was playing... well, more Wipeout.
That's not to say I don't appreciate the appeal of the series. I've dabbled with each iteration of Mario Kart over the past couple of decades. It's just the closest I get to a fond memory is sitting in the bathroom playing Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS and marveling over how, despite daring new additions like underwater segments and gliding, it didn't feel much different than every other Mario Kart game I'd played.
I'm not attempting to incense the franchise's fan base. I'm merely establishing a baseline, so when I say that Mario Kart 8 feels different, readers can appreciate what a profound statement I am making. Within seconds of starting my first race, I could tell this was more than just plain old Mario Kart with fancy HD graphics.

In the past I've struggled with Mario Kart driving controls, struggling to grasp the correct timing of the series' signature drift and boost system. Moments into my first run through the game's first track, Mario Kart Stadium, I was powersliding around corners like a semi-pro.

Vehicle handling is more intuitive than ever before, and adjusting from a wide-sliding kart to the tight cornering of a motorbike is just a matter of taking a quick test drive around a track. For a relatively novice player the learning curve is incredibly short, which breeds the confidence needed to take on tougher tracks at higher difficulties. Never in my history with the series have I tore through all of the courses (16 new and 16 revamped classics) with such enthusiasm.

It helps that the new batch of tracks has been designed with the game's new anti-gravity feature in mind. When the road goes sideways, turns upwards or spins upside-down, karts are transformed into high-tech anti-grav vehicles, and suddenly I'm enjoying the best of both worlds — futuristic hover-craft racing with some of the industry's most iconic characters. It's exactly the tweak to the standard formula I was looking for. I only wish the 16 updated classic tracks made more use of it.

Aside from the perfect arcade-style vehicle handling, ultra-inventive course design and the sharp visuals, Mario Kart 8 doesn't do much to change up formula established in previous games. There are eight cups to challenge — four featuring brand new tracks and another four consisting of revamped tracks from previous Mario Kart games. As per usual there are three racing classes, 50cc, 100cc and 150cc, each faster and more challenging than the last.

Racers greedily snatch at power-up boxes filled with devious devices designed to ensure that no lead is every substantial enough that it couldn't be stolen away in the blink of an eye. Annoying armaments like the red and spiked turtle shells return, with a few new ones thrown in for good measure. I particularly enjoy the rare Crazy 8, which spawns eight power-ups at once that can be fired off in quick succession. It's saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

Vehicle handling is more intuitive than ever before
Computer controlled racers are as brutal as ever in the higher classes, and while new power-ups and enhanced handling make it slightly easier to dodge their slings and arrows, it not enough to keep me from yelling inappropriate words at my innocent television screen. They're annoying, yes, but they also making playing alone much more dramatic.

One shouldn't seek respite in the games various online multiplayer modes either. Even in its pre-release state, the competition (when I could find it) was fierce. As I was being knocked to the rear of the pack again and again while battling against real people from around the globe, I found myself wishing massive lag spikes upon my competitors. Unfortunately the online races were annoyingly lag-free, and my greatest triumph was against a person who I am convinced was AFK the entire race.

Thankfully Mario Kart 8 allows for custom multiplayer sessions, giving players the ability to ban the most annoying power-ups (most of them), stripping away the element of luck in favor of pure skill. I sadly did not get to participate in an online tournament, but I was impressed by the options for setting one up. Using a simple interface, players can schedule weekly or daily tournaments with relative ease, which I'm sure will come in handy once everyone else is playing.

The only downside to online multiplayer (and multiplayer in general) was Mario Kart 8's Battle Mode. Traditionally held in custom-crafted arenas, the balloon-popping competitive game mode is instead played on normal circuit tracks. Players drive around in circles, hoping to run into someone that's not driving rapidly in the opposite direction. They hardly do. The tracks are so large and winding they'd be lucky to see another person more than once or twice in a given round. It's horribly tedious, borderline unplayable.
Mario Kart 8 is more than just a pretty face, but damn what a pretty face it's putting forward. Some of the screenshots Nintendo released earlier this year were so gorgeous, many felt they were bullshots, more attractive than the game could possibly be. I'm pleased to report that, while they might be taken from an angle players might never see in-game, this what Mario Kart 8 really looks like.
And it looks even better in action. Hair, facial and otherwise, flutters in the wind as the characters race along the track. Each track is filled with so much animated detail they're almost characters in their own right. This is one of the best-looking games on the Wii U. It makes me wonder what would happen if Nintendo started sharing the secrets of making pretty games on its consoles with third parties.

Nowhere is the game's stunning beauty more evident than in Mario Kart TV, a special area where players can edit and share their race replay footage with the community. The player's most recent 12 races are automatically saved, ready to be teased with a painfully restrictive editor and thrust forth into the world.
Each track is filled with so much animated detail. This is one of the best-looking games on the Wii U.
I'd barely even call it an editor. Players can choose to fucos on specific characters or events during the race, set the clip's run time, turn off sounds and/or music, and that's about it. You can't clip a few seconds, or change the camera angle. You can slow the playback down (which looks amazing), but you can't save a slowed-down clip for sharing.

I understand Nintendo likes to keep things simple and accessible, but an advanced menu for those unafraid of video editing would have been nice. Still, the fact that I am invested enough in this game to care about video editing tools speaks volumes about my appreciation.

"Everyone has fond memories of the Mario Kart series." Like the time I sat on the couch with my two-year-old twin boys, revving the engine of Shyguy's motorbike as they counted down "Three, two, one, Go!" in unison. Or staying up until two in the morning, flipping through my highlight reels, making Mario jump a chasm again and again in slow motion. Or the moment I realized that, thanks to wonderful design, tight controls and exquisite visuals of Mario Kart 8, I finally had fond Mario Kart memories of my own.

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market glory earning guide part 2

In the "affiliates" section you can find your own link that you can send to all your friends. Those who will register on your link will become your referrals.


Below there is a list of your referrals. You win a referral if you challenge an opponent to fight and win the fight. Lose a referral when he loses a fight. Your referrals will pay a fee of 10% of their earnings, according to the energy you have. If you block a referral, it can not be attacked. A user who registers via your affiliate link will become your referral blocked for a period of seven days, then you decide whether to block him or set him free.

Join kamiktk's empire
Purchases made by users of GM SHOP Fund will be allocated to GM.
Note that the prices of GM SHOP are 200% higher than the prices of production. GM SHOP products price will change depending on the salaries offered in MarketGlory.
Reports - Transactions
Here is a list of all income and expenses that you make.
Reports - Financial assets
In this section you can view all currencies held.

Government - Accounting

Available currencies in the government fund represent the country current assets. Financial operations in local or foreign currency can be performed only by governmentmembers, but all players are able to view the data.
In the list below you will find all currencies held by the government.
Government - Bonuses
In this section you can view bonuses given by the government.
Government - Taxes
This section shows taxes that you pay to the government.
Profile - Inventory
In this section you can view all the property you own. Food is consumed every 6 hours. If you have different food qualities, the first consumed will be the high quality food. Coffee can be consumed when you click on serving coffee. The clothes have a life span of 10 days. The houses have a lifespan of 30 days.
Profile - Settings.
In this section you can modify your password.


In this section you will be informed when one of these companies has no raw materials or money to pay salaries.
We appreciate your interest in reading this entire material.
Recommend your referral link to everybody and earn commissions of Market Glory. Exploit all opportunities offered by us and be with us for a long term to benefit in future projects, too.
In life every chance is worth valued at the time. Now you can develop a great opportunity worldwide by Market and Glory and accomplish all your goals. Many people waste their time on the internet without having won anything, here with just a few minutes a day you can manage your business in the Market Glory and increase your income. We do not guarantee that everyone will achieve success, that depends on what strategy each player has in Glory Market. Make sure everything is fair, transparent and with equal opportunities for all players.
We offer support and tools to expand your business globally as much as you wish.
Each person deserves to know the economic strategies to start his own business in Market Glory.
Together we are a team and no matter who you are, where you are from, it matters that we are all a team and enjoy Market Glory.
All people everywhere have the opportunity to enjoy Market Glory and contribute to the development of your system and you can achieve success both in virtual and real life.

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market glory earning guide


In the home section you will find the country map, the government budget and the population in your area. Also in this section you can see the bonuses offered by the government.


In this section there are presented the opponents available for fighting. If you win a battle you will receive the bonus offered by the Government according to the energy you have. Remember that the loser becomes your referral and he will pay you taxes. If you want to be sure that you will not lose that referral, you can lock him for as long as you want.
In this section you can find available jobs. You will receive wages according to productivity. Salary is displayed for one hour, for 100 productivity points. If you have maximum productivity, meaning 700 points, you will receive a salary according to the following formula:
Salary X 8 (8 hours of work) X 7 (700 points for productivity).
If the hourly wage is 5 you will get 5 x 8 x 7 = 280. 


In this section you can see all the offers of companies from that country and available for business licensing. Note that the products are sorted by quality.
Raw materials and licenses can be purchased only by companies.

Financial market
In this section you can convert your Euros into any currency available in MarketGlory. Note that in MarketGlory there are over 80 currencies and each country operates its own currency. To buy currency you can click on the image and select the currency you want to buy, then from the "sell" section select the currency you want to sell to buy your currency.
1 euro = 5 gold, 1 gold = 10 lei
In this section you can set up companies and manage your companies. Setting up a company costs 10 euros. You will get a job and a license for 90 days.

My companies - Licenses

In this section you can view what licenses you can purchase for your company. Also, each license is explained in detail, how many productivity points are required, raw materials for the products. When you have a valid license or purchase a license the date this license expires will be displayed.

My companies - upgrade 

Firms can be upgraded to produce goods at lower costs and thus your company can be more efficient on the market. There are 5 levels of upgrade:
Upgrade 1 = 10% productivity = 10 euro
Upgrade 2 = 20% productivity = 20 euro
Upgrade 3 = 30% productivity = 40 euro
Upgrade 4 = 40% productivity = 80 euro
Upgrade 5 = 50% productivity = 160 euro
In your inventory menu you can view raw material stock, finished products stocks and the costs of their production or acquisition. Also in this section you have the option to put goods on sale to be displayed in the country market where the company is established.
In this section you can create new jobs. Creating a new work place costs with 0.25 euro more than the previous. Each job can be administered individually, with the possibility to establish the salary offeredand to suspend or activate a job.

"Work records"

In this section you can view a list of citizens who have worked at your company, the time when they have worked, that they had and also the salary the company has paid to citizen.

Each company has its own budget. In this section you can invest and withdraw money from the company. In the company you can invest and withdraw gold.
After you have invested gold you can change the company in local currency in which the company was founded.
When you withdraw money from the company within the company will buy gold to withdraw gold.
"Finance Transactions"
In this section you have a list of all transactions made by the company.


Each license is valid for 90 days. From the company you can extend the license or buy a new one. Even if a license expires you can still sell products in stock. Each type of company allows specific license purchase.
Licenses for consumer goods are divided into three categories, depending on quality.
In the section market licenses, you can read all the details of licenses, such as productivity needed to produce the good, raw materials necessary for the good and the good quality product. When you purchase a license money will go the country government where the business is created.


Bonuses are offered by the government of the country where you are. In the home section you can see both the country's budget and the number of citizens in the country. Also in the home section there is a list of bonuses offered by the government of your country, description for each bonus and the conditions for getting the bonus: energy for the referral and fight bonus and productivity for work bonus.
Note that there is specified the maximum bonus that can be achieved if you meet the maximum requirements for that bonus.
Example: if you have 1 energy, you will receive 1% of registered government bonus, if you have 100 energy, you will receive 100% of the bonus displayed.
Work bonus is received according to productivity, for example, to receive 10% bonus you will need to have 70 productivity, the maximum productivity being 700. In the productivity section you can see what factors influence it and how you can make them grow.
Note that all bonuses are offered by the country you have citizenship with.


In this section you can buy MarketGlory game shares.
When the balance reaches 10,000 euros you will receive 1 cent for each share you hold. The moment the balance reaches 10,000 gold you will get 0.01 gold per each share owned. You can sell and buy shares from other players.
Euros are added to the game fund balance when:
• a company is created
• a workplace is created
• a withdrawal from the game is made (20% from the withdrawal)
• a fight is immediately ended
• shares are bought
These appear as negative transactions in fund:
• 10% from the amount invested for the country which holds the citizenship of the citizen who invests in his account
• 10% from the amount ivnested for one who owns the citizen who has invested in his account
Those negative transactions are covered by the 20% commision applied on the withdrawals from Market Glory account. see more click here

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how you can earn huge money from marketglory without investment full guide

Market Glory – Earn Real (Huge) Money When You Play This Game
Join kamiktk's empire

Market glory is a new browser game. In this game you can earn real money when you play. You can withdraw money also with PayPal. Read more in article.Marker glory is new browser game. In this game you can earn real money and you can withdraw this money also with PayPal.  Registration is free and very fast. I am sure that you will enjoy. Important is that you can do your job here on Triond, or you can do something else when you play this game! Players from all world can play this game.

  if you want support in game contact me name in game is kamiktk                                                      join from romania,india,germany,uk ip for  more more earning use proxy for joining .If you have played ANNO1777 you will know allmost all about this game. This is not hard game and I believe that you will learn basics very fast. In this game you can fight with another players and you can get refferals. You can get bonus for each active refferal. You can bring your friends in this game and get refferals also this way. You can work in game, you can buy food, drink and much more. I hope you will like this game. You do not need much time to play this game, but you can earn huge money here. I see on welcome page that very much people earn very much money in this game. You can see from picture. I hope that i help you. Enjoy. Have a nice day.
MarketGlory is an economic, political, social and military simulator where you can convert your virtual currency into real money.
Each player from the MarketGlory community has the opportunity to: work, set up companies, run for the government, recommend referrals, gain military ranks and build their own organization.
The road to success in Market Glory is achieved through a personal strategy by each player in the community. There is no time limit, some will reach objectives quicker than others. It is important to be present in MarketGlory and develop something that gives you satisfaction in this game. Success is the result of an activity which is based on action and perseverance. In every field of life, those who do not give up will certainly reach all their goals.
So, success in Market Glory can give you a substantial income in real life.
Money does not bring happiness, but their number does.
Why is it important to have energy in MarketGlory?
- Depending on the energy level you receive fight bonuses and referrals;
- Energy is an important factor in calculating productivity;
- Depending on the energy level you get a percentage of your referrals earnings;
- Attack and defense are influenced by the energy level.
Energy increases when goods are consumed. For example, a lower quality food will bring an increase of 1 in your energy level. Also, when you eat a high-quality food you get 5 energy; the quality of the consumed goods is very important in MarketGlory. Energy increases when you eat or you have: coffee, clothes, houses and wine.

How much energy do you get?

• 1 for lower quality
• 3 for normal quality
• 5 for high quality
• 1 per day for low quality 
• 3 per day for normal quality
• 5 per day for high-quality. 
Note that clothes last for 10 days.
• 1 for lower quality coffee
• 3 for normal quality coffee 
• 5 for high quality coffee
• 7 house
• 20 Villa
• 35 Palace

How does energy decrease?
Energy decreases by 5% per hour, by 10% when you work and 2% work when you fight.
A high energy level allows you to earn more, and to receive higher taxes from your referrals activity.
WARNING! It is very important to correlate the costs with the income. It is not a good thing for everyone to have a high energy level.
Energy can reach up to 100.


Why is it important to have knowledge in Market Glory?
Knowledge is an important factor in calculating productivity.
When buying books, depending on their quality you will get knowledge as follows: Low quality Book = +1 Knowledge, normal quality Book = +3 Knowledge, high quality Book = +5 Knowledge.
Knowledge decreases by 0.2 per day and can reach a maximum level of 1000.
Why is it important to have work experience in Market Glory?
Experience is an important factor in calculating productivity.
The experience level increases each time you work. If you work day by day, it will grow up.
When working, the Experience will increase as following:
- for 0 referrals - by 0.7 points per day;
- for 1 active referral - by 1 point per day;
- for 2 active referrals - by 1.5 points per day;
- for 3 active referrals - by 2 points per day;
- for 4 active referrals - by 2.5 points per day;
- for 5 or more active referrals - by 3 points per day.
You can buy experience in amount of:
  • 0.5 euro for each experience point when you have between 1 and 100 experience points,
  • 0.45 euro for each experience point when you have between 100 and 500 experience points,
  • 0.4 euro for each experience point when you have between 500 and 1900 experience points,
The money from purchasing experience points are transferred to the Government Funds of the country you are citizen of.
The experience points fall each day by 0.3%.
The level of experience can be seen in the Work menu.


Why is productivity important in Market Glory?
Productivity is the citizen's ability to produce goods for the companies they work for.
Productivity is calculated using the formula: Energy + Experience + Knowledge / 3.
Energy can increase up to 100.
Experience can increase up to 1000.
Knowledge can grow up to 1000.
Maximum productivity is 700 and according to it, you will receive salary or working bonus. In the working section you will find the level of productivity per hour.
Menus  see more click here

for more detail cantact me :

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